Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you see Me?

I recently traveled to Chicago. This poem was inspired by what I encountered there. There have been many other times too that I have had similar experiences...for some reason I cannot fathom, Jesus keeps showing me and giving me such an overwhelming love for His people, His body. I see them, and I see Jesus in each one. We are truly all one in Jesus. Maybe this poem will better explain what I mean.

Do you see Me?

I was walking through the city streets
Looking at who was passing by

An old ragged man with a beard, so white
A woman begging, close to tears...I sigh

A young teenager, all in black
Tattooed and wearing dark glasses

A mother holds her infant close
A young man looks for another smoke

I wondered...why are we afraid?
Why does no one look into another's eyes?

For not a soul looked up
Busy with their own lives

And if their gaze fell upon me,
Whom would I really see?

On the train now, I see more
All types of people come through the door

Some look harried, and others tired
Many just sit, with a blank sort of stare

What are they thinking? 
And does anyone care?

Then sits down, a young little boy
He LOOKS at me...what is his story? 

I look all around...thinking some more
The train stops...they head out the door

I was walking through the city streets
Looking at who was passing by

I never expected that on my journey,
I would see the face of Christ.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quote of the Day

"If the devil reminds you of your past, 

just remind him of his future."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

When God Speaks....

"In the silence of the Heart,
 God speaks"
~Blessed Mother Teresa

I've often seen the workings of God in my daily life...lately, it seems as though my spiritual life has been somewhat stagnant. Never a good thing. I know without a doubt, the fault is mine. More than anything else, it seems as though I have forgotten the importance of silence. If I know God is speaking, why can I not hear Him? Because I have ceased to listen.

When you sincerely wait, seeking His voice, Jesus will not disappoint. "Whoever seeks shall find. Whoever knocks, the door will be opened," as He said. It takes practice, to be sure; that is why the more you come before Him, seeking in silence, the easier it will be to hear Him.

There are many ways to practice silence, and truly listen to be attuned to God's voice...but onne of the best is in Eucharistic Adoration. Since the Eucharist is truly Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul, & Divinity, what better way to hear Him than when you can be directly in His presence?

Many Catholics, sadly, either do not know He is really there, or do not believe in His real Presence. I'm here to tell you, HE IS REALLY THERE.
It is Jesus who longs for us in the closed off churches of the world, waiting to be loved. It is Jesus present on the altar during mass, Him who we meet in Adoration, and He who we receive at Holy Communion. This profound mystery at it's heart cannot fully be known, but revealed in faith and trust into the depths of the heart of the believer.

I had a profound experience of this today at Daily Mass; another great place to experience silence and listen to God. I came to Mass tired physically, and somewhat spiritually exhausted. However, God used this to His advantage, since all my defenses were down, my heart was more open.

Most of the Mass I was attentive, but when it came time and I received Him in the Eucharist, His Body and Blood, God awakened my heart anew. Interiorly, I felt as though I had somehow come to an intense, deep, newfound realization that Jesus had just come within me; and it was all I could do to hold back tears. When and how God chooses to reveal Himself to us, often baffles me. But there I knelt, aware in a completely new way of the closeness of Jesus, and that He was truly ALL I WANTED, AND ALL I NEEDED. Period. That was it. For that moment in time, I was drawn into the mystery, and absolute LOVE, of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Though I have been raised a Catholic, it was years before I finally found out that the Eucharist was not just a symbol, but truly Christ. Since then, Jesus has made this truth known in my heart, and I have often had experiences of the Presence of Jesus during Adoration, but never as much in receiving Him. It is difficult to describe the inner peace and joy that Jesus blessed me with today.

Above all, I want to continue to know Him more. To love Him more, and know more deeply of His love. I am willing to wait for Him, in that profound silence of Love within my Heart, when God speaks.

I challenge you, how will you hear God speak? And, will you Listen?

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