Friday, November 6, 2009

Flowers Among the Thorns....Love Amid Life's Chaos

It's interesting; life is.

I feel as though lately I've been on a desert whirlwind and I can't quite grasp much of anything. I feel confused at times, and wonder at what God is up to. I think I am going through a dry spell spiritually, while so much is happening on the outside.

Starting a new job, discerning my vocation (I simply am clueless at this point which order of religious sisters God wants me to be a part of), moving, financial worries, family issues, my much that I worry too much about instead of giving it to Him. I must constantly remind myself to surrender everything in trust and love to Jesus, who can handle it all much better than I can. :)

But through all this, Jesus is reminding me how much I truly need Him, for without Him, I am nothing. It is only by His grace and love, that my life draws meaning.

Also, more and more I am seeing the providence of God unfolding in my life. Trusting in that providence however, can be somewhat more difficult. Still, circumstances, I not only believe but have also experienced, are never coincidence. Even if we can't see the plan of God before us, be sure that He does.

Often times, I find myself looking back, (it is one of the only ways to recognize God's plan, in the past) and I see God working amazing things. It baffles my little brain to think that Our Father in Heaven cares that much about just one person to order the universe in such a way! Imagine the planning and work that God must put into that!!!

It's humbling to think my Father would do so much for me! How much more then must he love and care for the whole world! How much Our Father must love us! It is something that I cannot begin to understand, but only trust with in my heart.

Speaking of Love, of the tender love of God...when Jesus fills your heart with greater capacity for love, and you see how gentle and meek is Jesus who loves's inexpressible.

Blessed Mother Teresa says:
"I think that every time we say the Our Father, God looks at His hands, where we are etched. ‘See, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands...’ (Isaiah 49:16). What a beautiful description and also expressive of the personal love God feels for each one of us!"
So just remember, whatever is going on in your life, God has a plan. And it is all being worked out by a Father who loves us so much, that he gave up His Son, to die for us. Look at a crucifix if you need reminding. :) For I believe that when we look at Jesus on the Cross, He is saying to us, "I love you this much."


  1. Thats awesome Christina. I didn't know you were going to become a sister. Or maybe I just forgot.

    -Chris Anderson

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words, Christina! I pray that God continues to uplift you and give you guidance. I pray for God's blessings to pour over you like rain and that we both remember to always give it all over to Him.

  3. Thanks for your comment Jess! God's blessings to you too!

    And yup, that's right Chris. At the very least I believe it is God's will for me right now. :)