Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you see Me?

I recently traveled to Chicago. This poem was inspired by what I encountered there. There have been many other times too that I have had similar experiences...for some reason I cannot fathom, Jesus keeps showing me and giving me such an overwhelming love for His people, His body. I see them, and I see Jesus in each one. We are truly all one in Jesus. Maybe this poem will better explain what I mean.

Do you see Me?

I was walking through the city streets
Looking at who was passing by

An old ragged man with a beard, so white
A woman begging, close to tears...I sigh

A young teenager, all in black
Tattooed and wearing dark glasses

A mother holds her infant close
A young man looks for another smoke

I wondered...why are we afraid?
Why does no one look into another's eyes?

For not a soul looked up
Busy with their own lives

And if their gaze fell upon me,
Whom would I really see?

On the train now, I see more
All types of people come through the door

Some look harried, and others tired
Many just sit, with a blank sort of stare

What are they thinking? 
And does anyone care?

Then sits down, a young little boy
He LOOKS at me...what is his story? 

I look all around...thinking some more
The train stops...they head out the door

I was walking through the city streets
Looking at who was passing by

I never expected that on my journey,
I would see the face of Christ.

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