Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who is Poorer than a Poor Old Person?

I'm still surprised, but suppose I shouldn't be, at how our culture continues to degrade the dignity of the human person at the different stages of life. Even though we are making headway in the pro-life movement, there is a long way to go, and there are many battles still to be fought and won; specifically that of the respect of life for the elderly in our society.

I've been volunteering with the Little Sisters of the Poor this summer in Washington DC, who care for the elderly poor. A common saying among the little sisters is: Who is poorer than a poor old person? I'm beginning to see how this can be so. And not only are many of our elderly poor, but they are in danger.

Recently I had a conversation with a little sister at how careful they have to be when one of their residents is hospitalized - because many times they are just not receiving good care, and there is always the looming danger of assisted suicide...even in medical facilities that are deemed "Catholic."

I can only hope and pray that our country sees how important and what a God given gift life is - in EVERY stage. As our population ages, assisted suicide may become an ever increasing threat. Remember to pray for the right to life and dignity of every human person from conception until natural death.

Here's a link to an article that just came out regarding this. The USCCB also has released a statement on some aspects of this issue. U.S. Bishops Target Physician-Assisted Suicide | Daily News |

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  1. Thanks for bringing light to this topic for me. I think every life has value. I was unaware assisted suicide is an issue, or that it occurred!