Saturday, April 10, 2010


There is a sheer brutality, a truth, that speaks of the realness of being human. What is a soul? Where and how do we find one another in the paths our lives take? When one soul touches another, how does that speak of God? How can we be more human, and so come to see the reality of our souls? For as the soul is created, so also is the body. What does it mean, to BE?

Out of darkness....comes light....So how can we begin to rise, without first falling? Out of suffering, comes compassion, and a deeper insight into the reality of what it means to BE Human.

Christ was not only our Savior and Lord, but in great humility, was also explicitly the most HUMAN. How did Jesus, being fully human, aside from being fully God, live what we call the "human condition?" There is much we do not know...but what we do, is that He suffered, but also rejoiced! How do we come to live in the example He left?

Where does time stop, and Heaven begin? Or rather does time enfold into the reality of Heaven we could not understand? If our Lord created Heaven AND Earth, are they not therefore connected through our Creator?

Why do we love? How do we persevere in Love? Do we understand Who is Love? What is at the heart of a person when you look into the window of their soul, and how do you begin to see yourself in their place?

All I know, is that Jesus loves me, and I Him. There is something about the realness of being human, yes. But also, something that is more real than can be the connection of our hearts, to God.

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