Sunday, February 27, 2011

Currently Reading: Rediscovering Catholicism

I've heard several talks by Matthew Kelly on tape, and really enjoyed listening. Recently, today in fact, I delved into his newest book released this past January, Rediscovering Catholicism. Already I've devoured the first 6 chapters. Kelly has a great way of combining common sense, clarity, practical advice, and inspiring wisdom within the context of our Catholic faith. There is a lot of ground covered, and may require more than one read for me. I'm eager to see how I can implement this into my daily life. If you have thought about reading this for lent, or never heard of it, I would highly recommend it either way.

Happy Reading. :-)

A quote to spark your interest:

‎"Created to love and be loved, we feel a restlessness, a longing for more, a profound discontent with our lives and with our culture. Our hunger is not for appearances, but for something of substance. We are hungry for truth. The people of today are starving for the authentic, thirsting for the tiniest droplet of sincerity, aching to experience the genuine."

-Matthew Kelly, Rediscovering Catholicism

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