Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Poem, and happenings in my life....

I thought today I would post on how things have been going right now in my life. It's really difficult to describe how God is working in me. I feel that He is piling crosses upon me (hence a lot of recent posts concerning the Holy Cross and Jesus' passion). Yet Jesus is ever mindful to give me no more than I can handle.

I was thinking the other day, that truly, what a privilege it is to suffer for Christ. To be like Him, we must also suffer. And I feel that I understand with greater clarity why the Saints rejoiced in their sufferings. Of course, it is not human nature to love suffering, therefore it is certainly a great grace from God. For on our own, we can do nothing. But to suffer for HIM! And to remain close to Him through the suffering...yes...with God's grace, I can say that I am willing to endure my suffering.

And so, I will describe one of the crosses Jesus has allowed I bear. That of unemployment. All summer, I have been searching, trying to find work. You never know how much of a blessing work can be until you don't have it. And the positions I did get interviews for, were given to a better candidate. But I am content. I feel God's grace at work, and I have peace in my heart. Because I know that Jesus will provide. And I am content to wait until He wills that this cross be lifted.

As the Thomas Kempas says,
"When you reach the degree of patience that tribulation is sweet to you and even relished for Christ, then you may trust that all is well with you, for you have found paradise on earth."

I cannot claim to have attained this. But I feel a certain sense of peace, despite what I am going through.

I realize I am not alone in this kind of cross. Many are unemployed, and the numbers seem to continue to grow higher. But, if your in the same boat that I am, just remember, look to Jesus, He will never abandon you, nor forsake you. He truly does have you in the palm of His hand. So take heart. He will help you.

All for the Love of Christ!

P.S. Here is a poem I have written concerning suffering. I have written a longer version, but thought it best to post the 'condensed' one. And if you are reading this, know I am praying for you.


Why I Must Suffer

 The drops of blood You lost
On the way to Calvary
 Encompassed the whole world
And yet were shed for me

What were You thinking Jesus,
When You prayed in Gethsemane?
What made your tears fall,
So heavily?

Could it have been,
For sinners?
Like me?

The crowd that day
Must have been fierce
When for me
You endured the sneers

You uttered not a word
 Of What You had not done

Cast a glance of Love
On those, like me,
Who would give you none

You were past exhaustion,
When my sins
Pressed the thorns
Upon Your head

When carrying the wood
You fell thrice
So I would remember
How to follow One crucified

For next, a man
Pounded in the nails.
And God made Man
Became frail

Didn’t they see the purity,
The sorrow,
And the Love,
In Your eyes?

If I had been there,
Hanging by Your side
If I was that man
Would I?

Finally, near the end,
Raising Your eyes to Heaven
You gave up Your spirit with a cry

The Savior of the World,

Now I remember
Your bitter Passion Lord
But I must recall too

And You promised to return,

As Jesus rose
So shall I
And those who believe

But I must learn
To follow Him,
On earth
Through Suffering

It is the only way,
Through Calvary,
That Jesus brings us
To Eternity

For me,
He chose to die
Tore His Heart asunder,

So I come to understand
And begin to remember,
That I am to be
Like my Maker

And that is why,
As His daughter,
Like Him,
I must suffer.

(*note, Poem subject to copyright infringement)

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  1. Christina, what a beautiful poem! Your words are joyful and thought-provoking. I see the image you posted is from the Passion of the Christ. What an amazing movie - what a great way to put the story of Christ to life. I really loved/hated that movie (I think you know what I mean).

    You are most certainly in my prayers, and I'm glad to think I'm in yours too. God is purposing for you, I feel certain of that, and we just can't see His plans for you yet, but I imagine they are something wonderful! But we both know God's plans are far greater than anything either of us could fathom - that is part of the beauty of God's love!

    May peace be with you every hour,